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Websites for Patients

Contact us

Sanofi US

55 Corporate Drive
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Content :

Websites and Resources for Patients

The following Sanofi US health websites and resources, categorized according to therapeutic area, provide information on a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

List of direct links to sections :

Cardiovascular and Thrombosis

Cholesterol Counts

Cholesterol Counts is an awareness program that aims to rally Americans to take an active role in understanding that there is more to be done to control high cholesterol, and reinvigorate the conversation between patients and their physicians. Visit www.cholesterolcounts.com to take a poll that will help capture America’s cholesterol knowledge and levels, which will be revealed on the website in 2015 in a visual and interactive way.



Diabetes doesn't define you, but now YOU can define diabetes at diabetapedia.com! Diabetapedia is a collaborative dictionary of diabetes-related terms commonly used by the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). Stop by to find simplified diabetes-related definitions, explanations of DOC jargon and lingo and even share your own terms!

The DX: The Diabetes Experience

TheDX.com is a digital diabetes destination with a mix of interesting stories, both original and curated from trusted sources. Discover information, inspiration and practical advice. It's about life and life with diabetes.

Discuss Diabetes

This blog, found at discussdiabetes.com was created to provide a place where Sanofi US Diabetes team members can engage with you, share resources and information and participate in the online conversation about living with diabetes. We invite you to read articles, participate in weekly polls and share your feedback and ideas by leaving comments.

Sanofi US Diabetes Facebook Page

'Like' the Sanofi US Diabetes Facebook page at facebook.com/SanofiUSDiabetes to participate in and stay up-to-date on relevant discussions regarding life with diabetes.

Diabetes_Sanofi Twitter Page

Follow the Sanofi US Diabetes Twitter feed at twitter.com/Diabetes_Sanofi to receive tweets on diabetes information and tips to live a healthier lifestyle.

A1C Champions® Program

Visit a1cchampions.com for a patient-led approach to diabetes education. A1C Champions® are people with diabetes who are trained to share diabetes self-management and lifestyle strategies based on extensive training and personal experience. For online sessions with live A1C Champions®, visit a1cchampionsonline.com.


American Diabetes Association: www.diabetes.org
American Association of Diabetes Educators: www.aadenet.org
National Diabetes Education Program: www.ndep.nih.gov
American Dietetic Association: www.eatright.org
Follow sanofi-aventis U.S. diabetes (www.twitter.com/diabetes_sanofi) on Twitter to learn more about our engagement in the U.S. diabetes community. Through our tweets, we share statistics and insights, as well as links to valuable diabetes resources.


Last update: February 02, 2015