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Our Stories

Content :

Science & Solutions

Exciting New Sanofi HIV Research Published in Journal Science >

As a research scientist at Sanofi, it is always exciting to share news about a potentially groundbreaking innovation. So I am delighted that a newly-published article in the journal Science highlights our early-stage research into “trispecific” antibodies as a potential new paradigm for combating human immunodeficiency virus, commonly known as HIV.

Science is Our Passion: Find Out What Inspires Sanofi Scientist Leila Sevigny >

Leila Sevigny, PhD, is a senior scientist in Biologics Research at Sanofi’s lab in Framingham, Mass., where she specializes in Antibody Development and Protein Production. She studied Molecular Cell Biology as an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut and earned her Ph.D. in Genetics from Tufts University.

Science Is Our Passion: Virtual Reality Brings Immunotherapy to Life >

Several scientists from the Sanofi North America R&D Hub were recently featured in the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) GoBoldly national campaign. Senior Scientist Timothy Wagenaar describes his experience helping to create PhRMA’s virtual reality genomics laboratory and discusses his exciting work in immuno-oncology.

Science is Our Passion: Sanofi Biotechnologist Annu Jain is Living It! >

Annuradha Jain is a biotechnologist who specializes in protein purification for Sanofi at our Biologics Research lab in Framingham where she is working on cystic fibrosis research, high throughput protein analytics, antibody and recombinant protein purifications. We asked her about how she came to decide on a career in science and what it’s like to work in a lab at Sanofi every day.

Last update: October 09, 2017