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Diversity and Inclusion

Content :

Social responsibility
Diversity and Inclusion

As a company that respects cultural differences, Sanofi depends on the diversity and talents of its employees to be more innovative, effective and competitive. With an equal focus on recruitment and retention, our global diversity charter serves as a continuous reminder of our pledge to embrace and foster the development of every individual at every level of our organization regardless of gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – Sanofi Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) tap into the richness of our diversity and offer employees a forum in which to exchange ideas, network and gain exposure to different aspects of the organization. While company-supported and executive-sponsored, ERGs are managed by employees, enhancing career development and contributing to their personal growth in the work environment.

  • Women Inspiring Sanofi Excellence (WISE) – WISE develops leaders and furthers their advancement and impact through opportunities focused on skill development and techniques for personal and professional growth. Sanofi gains from the diversity of thought, agility, and leadership that WISE fosters through its commitment to continuous learning, growth and development through the organization.

  • ADVANCE – ADVANCE (Alliance for DiVersificAtion, iNClusion and Enrichment) is aimed at celebrating and enhancing employee diversity throughout all levels of the organization while bringing Sanofi closer to our diverse customer base and increasing our understanding of diverse communities, patients and healthcare providers.

  • ParentsConnect – ParentsConnect is for working parents and guardians to provide a support network and resources at any stage of parenting, including a focus on parents of children with special needs.

  • V.E.T.S. – V.E.T.S. provides a network of resources and support for veterans and members of military families, as well as guidance and insight on our recruitment practices for veterans.

  • CancerConnect – Sanofi has a variety of resources that can help employees cope with cancer and make informed decisions for themselves and loved ones. CancerConnect utilizes resources including knowledgeable colleagues, relationships with advocacy and community groups, and a helpful information and support system.

  • PRIDE Connect – PRIDE Connect envisions a positive and inclusive environment for all Sanofi employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, networking and workplace collaboration. By empowering all employees to be catalysts for equality, Sanofi will continue to lead the market by providing innovative healthcare solutions that meet the diverse needs of the patients, customers, LGBT community and stakeholders we serve.

  • MILL – MILL, which stands for Millennials Influencing Learning & Leadership, aims to grow a network of new talent within the Sanofi community, as well as to raise awareness and bring to light the value that generational differences play within the workplace.

  • CareGIVE – CareGIVE provides information, ideas and a comprehensive support system for employees who are caregivers or actively support someone who is a caregiver. This ERG works through a wide range of challenges in providing suitable care for loved ones including aging populations, physical disabilities and mental health caregiving.

  • DiabetesConnect – DiabetesConnect is for employees who have been diagnosed with diabetes, care for someone with diabetes or just want to learn more. DiabetesConnect builds a network providing resources needed to answer questions, offer support, and work together to be a better informed community. As a company strongly committed to the well-being of our employees, Sanofi US has countless resources that can help anyone affected by diabetes.

For more information about the global policies about Diversity and Inclusion, click on http://en.sanofi.com/csr/people/priorities/diversity/diversity.aspx.


Last update: March 22, 2017