Fighting to Make a Difference for Cancer Patients

By Deanna Armstrong, Area Business Manager, Hematologic Oncology Franchise, Sanofi Genzyme

I recently participated in Science Day at my daughter’s elementary school. I was excited to showcase my work at Sanofi US because it is so important for children to see women represented in science. My daughter was nervous that my presentation would be boring and challenged me to “please make it interesting.” Yikes!

The night before the presentation, I was thinking, and I had an epiphany. The next morning, I entered the classroom wearing boxing gloves. The children stared in confusion. I asked them, “What do you think I do?” They replied, “A fighter.” Then I asked, “What do you think I fight?”  After several fantastic guesses and a couple of hints, one student yelled, “Cancer!”

That’s right! I fight cancer. I fight cancer by educating people about hematologic malignancies (blood disorders) and how Sanofi’s innovative therapies may be able to help patients.

When I was looking for a new role a few months ago it was important for me to find an employer committed to both oncology and diversity of ideas. In researching Sanofi US, I knew this was the company for me because I saw both commitments reflected in Sanofi US’s core values of teamwork, courage, respect and integrity. I first engaged with Sanofi US at the National Sales Network Conference (NSN) last year. Sanofi US was at NSN as an employer committed to recruiting elite sales professionals of color. Now that I am an employee, I see these commitments and values in action every day. I am constantly impressed with the diversity of ideas at Sanofi US and I am honored to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, making our team stronger. Diversity is a constant conversation at Sanofi US, which is something I am seeing for the first time in my 15+ years in the biopharmaceuticals industry.  

When I tell people I am part of Sanofi’s Oncology and Transplant team, they often share stories of their loved ones who have had to struggle with this disease.  The cancer fight is near to me as well.  My dad succumbed to lung cancer several years ago while my mother recently won her fight against bladder cancer.  As my mom’s caregiver, I gained insights from a different perspective, which strengthened my desire to advocate for patients and their caregivers. The Sanofi products that I represent have the potential to help people spend more quality time with their loved ones.  That to me is priceless. I am grateful to be a part of Sanofi’s Oncology and Transplant team, and I am proud to help patients in their fight against cancer.