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People & Organizational Development

At Sanofi US, we are proud to provide employees at every level with many exciting avenues for professional growth and career development.

Our People & Organizational Development (POD) department engages employees and teams by providing a broad range of classroom trainings; seminars; and virtual trainings aligned with our core competencies. In alignment with the Sanofi company business strategy and competencies, it is our goal to empower all employees to take full advantage of their professional growth opportunities, to lead them to long-term job satisfaction and organizational success. Through professional development, employees are able to broaden their skills in their current role, while preparing themselves to pursue other career opportunities within our company.

In support of career growth, POD offers foundational programs, as well as emerging leader, first-level manager and second-line leader programs. All of our programs reflect leading-edge management and state-of-the-art development practices. Our programs are designed to maximize skills and increase effectiveness in meeting current and future business needs. Our approach is to create highly interactive learning experiences aligned with the work we do and with the Sanofi US values.

Performance Management

When our employees deliver exceptional results, our patients receive exceptional products & treatments that improve & protect health.

Individual and team performance provides our company with a competitive edge and allows for the achievement of business results and employee development. Sanofi US’s comprehensive Performance Management program links the achievement of results with how these results are achieved.

At the onset of each year, this program allows each employee to establish and align annual performance priorities with company needs. Our competencies regularly remind us that how we achieve these results is also critically important. Throughout the year, employee and manager conversations are expected to further develop this important relationship as well as the achievement of results.

Sanofi’s performance culture links results to rewards & recognition. At the conclusion of each year, accomplishments are measured and recognition is planned through the use of innovative tools and resources. This recognition, founded in results, closes the annual process and is a significant component of our total rewards strategy.