Inside Sanofi

Rebecca Sendak

Facing Fears & Embracing Change – How Mentorship Shaped My Career

Rebecca Sendak, Head of Sanofi’s R&D North America Hub, shares her career journey and how mentorship and self-reflection helped shape her path.
Wendy and Family

Meet Sanofi US "Working Mother of the Year" Wendy Michelle Richard

Wendy Michelle Richard, who leads Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy for Immunology, says showing her kids how her work makes a difference in people’s lives and using some creativity are key to her success. Her honor goes hand-in-hand with Sanofi US’s recognition as a 100 Best Working Mother Magazine Company for 2019.
Randy and Family

Putting Heart into Your Heart Health

Randy Curtis, Area Business Manager, Sanofi Genzyme, shares how he is putting heart into his cardiovascular health.
Suncere Hernandez

Pride in Sanofi

Suncére Hernandez, Area Business Manager, Multiple Sclerosis, reflects on the significance of Sanofi’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.
Jeff Schaffnit and Family

A Professional Career, A Personal Mission

Jeff Schaffnit and his wife’s world turned upside down when their son Carter was diagnosed at 7 months old with severe hemophilia. Jeff, Head of U.S. Rare Blood Disorder Franchise, shares how his son has inspired him to take an active role in the hemophilia community, both personally and professionally.
Gina Foglia

Helping Others Is in My Blood

Ginamarie Foglia, Senior Director, Medical Intelligence & Patient Perspective, shares how Sanofi's core values of Teamwork, Courage, Respect and Integrity echo many of the Uniformed Services values -- one of the many reasons why Sanofi is a perfect fit for her and other veterans.
Kara Naydyhor

My Sanofi Family Helps Me Thrive

New mom Kara Naydyhor, Commercial Excellence Manager, talks about how grateful she is for the support she received from Sanofi US after the premature birth of her twins.
Our Story, Bob Shustack
Managing Diabetes: It Takes a Team
Bob Shustack, Head of Global Support Functions Finance, North America, talks about how his team of supporters has rallied together to help him manage his diabetes.
Our Story, Zoila Castro
Sanofi’s Got Heart for the Cardiovascular Community
Dr. Zoila Castro, Head of North America Occupational Health, shares her experience working with the Sanofi U.S. Health & Wellness teams and the importance of heart-healthy awareness for all employees.
Our Story, Derek Green
Changing the Game in Life
Derek Green, Sanofi US Regional Business Leader - DC, offered his take on life’s game changing moments sharing his experiences as a guest speaker at the National Sales Network national conference.
Our Story, Ayelet Mosaffi
Thriving at Work and Home
In all my years with Sanofi US, I’ve found that ours is a company committed to helping employees pursue their career ambitions to be successful working parents.
Welcome to Our Stories
Welcome to Our Stories
From prevention to treatment, Sanofi transforms scientific innovation into healthcare solutions. Our more than 15,000 employees in the US are dedicated to making a difference in patients’ daily lives.