Meet Sanofi US Working Mother of the Year Wendy Michelle Richard

Wendy Michelle Richard, who leads Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy for Immunology, says showing her kids how her work makes a difference in people’s lives and using some creativity are key to her success. Her honor goes hand-in-hand with Sanofi US’s recognition as a 100 Best Working Mother Magazine Company for 2019. Wendy will be featured this month in the magazine’s annual listing of the country’s top companies that rank highly in female representation, parental leave, family support and job flexibility.

Wendy and family

Being a full-time working mom is, of course, not easy, but I’ve found keeping a positive outlook, being flexible and using some creativity has helped me throughout my 19-year-career. While many try to keep work and their personal life separate, I’m a true believer that bringing work home actually helps me find my balance. My husband and I talk to our kids about work and how my career helps make a difference in the lives of people. This helps them understand that my work is meaningful and gives them a better sense of what drives me professionally.

Throughout most of my career and varying degrees of travel, I’ve also had to be creative about balancing my professional and personal responsibilities. Serving people living with chronic disease and illness is my passion. Nevertheless, the demanding pace of my work can take a toll on those closest to me, so I find creative ways to maintain some sense of balance, productivity and connection to my family.

In addition to talking to my children about my work, I find time to give back to others such as providing coaching for colleagues. As an avid runner and 30+ time marathon finisher, I find a lot of joy in helping my friends train for marathons. Finally, taking care of myself is a top priority. If we do not invest in ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually, we cannot offer our best selves to our families or our vocation.

Overall I believe that flexibility is a must. I’ve found that the journey is perfectly imperfect. When it comes to managing work and family, it’s a constant evolution and I continue to grow and learn every day to be the best working mother I can be.