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My Sanofi Family Helps Me Thrive

New Mom Kara Naydyhor, Commercial Excellence Manager, talks about how grateful she is for the support she received from Sanofi US after the premature birth of her twins.

Kara and her family

It was the day my husband and I had been waiting for – after 80 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – we were bringing our twins, Augustus Michael and Noor Ellen, home. It was a joyous occasion following a taxing few months. What helped us get through it was the unending help from our family and friends including the support provided by my extended Sanofi “family.” Our twins were born at 28 weeks, each weighing just 2.5 pounds. It was by far the toughest experience my husband, David, and I have ever faced. The fact that my company and my Sanofi colleagues were there with me through it all was an unexpected godsend.

Sanofi US offers fantastic child care leave options along with insurance benefits that resulted in a positive medical care experience for my children. Just as important as the robust benefits, was the amazing support I received when I came back to work. My supervisors were very supportive, as a working parent this made a significant impact to my life.

And family-friendly initiatives, such as our free breast milk shipping service, allowed me to continue to nourish my twins while I was traveling on business.

I’m incredibly grateful to work for a company like Sanofi that is dedicated to meeting the needs of working parents!