Patients Inspire Us to Write a New Ending

Dr. Corey Robertson, Senior Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs, shares how patients drive us to live up to our Sanofi Pasteur credo that no one should suffer or die from a vaccine-preventable disease.

Achieving Meaningful Impact for Patients (and Our Future Workforce) by Investing in the Collective

Kalahn Taylor-Clark, Ph.D., MPH, Vice President and Global Head, Patient Centered Outcomes and Innovation, recognizes the need to ensure our social investments address unmet needs of underserved communities in fundamental ways.

Sharing the Gift of Life: My Personal Journey

After donating her kidney, Donna Niro, Senior Manager Tissue Collection, North America, Global Industrial Affairs, shares how the journey she took in donating her own kidney led to a career in collecting important tissue that helps transplant patients.

Dreams Come True When Children Grow Up to Make a Difference

As a child, Dr. Corey Robertson, Senior Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs, had a vision to save lives. Now realizing that goal at Sanofi, he’s on a mission to preserve the future dreams of every child by helping to safeguard them from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Celebrating Those Who Serve Our Communities: Sanofi US Social Impact Award Winners

Sanofi US unveiled its first annual Social Impact Awards winners in 2020 to recognize employees who go above and beyond in their commitment to their communities.

Supporting Timely Vaccinations & Minimizing Risk During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanofi Pasteur is actively working with providers to help them adapt their practices to reduce risks associated with COVID-19 while still helping to ensure their patients receive the vaccinations they need. Chris Whitman, Vice President, US Flu Franchise, shares how.

No Boundaries, No Limits: Supporting the Bleeding Disorders Community

Saving one life can save the world. Founded in 2000, Save One Life is an international nonprofit that aims to improve the quality of life and future for people living with bleeding disorders in developing countries through direct financial assistance. Their scholarship program has helped remove financial boundaries for more than 150 students globally and has inspired others to push their personal limits.

Access to Sanofi Diabetes Medicines During COVID-19

Gustavo Pesquin, Head of North America General Medicines, wants people living with diabetes to know that we are here to help you access your Sanofi medicines.

Blood is My Bond to Family and My Career Calling

Carol Dematteis, Community Relations and Education Manager for Sanofi Genzyme, shares two things that have shaped her life and given her strength.

Black History is American History

Tameko Patterson, Deputy Director of New Product Launch, Sanofi Pasteur, shares the value of recognizing and celebrating Black history not only during a single month but every day of the year.

What Diabetes Means to Sanofi Employees

Hear directly from Sanofi employees who share their unique stories about living with or caring for someone with diabetes.

Real-Life Experience Makes This Mom a Vaccine Champion

Meet Pam Reincke, a marketing and sales incentive compensation manager at Sanofi Pasteur who suffered from mumps at the age of eight. Pam shares the story of her illness and its long-term effects on her health and well-being. The mother of two and soon-to-be grandmother also offers solid advice on vaccinations today.

Fighting to Make a Difference for Cancer Patients

Deanna Armstrong, Area Business Manager, Hematologic Oncology Franchise, discusses how she is fighting cancer by educating people about hematologic malignancies (blood disorders) and why it was important for her to find an employer committed to both oncology and diversity of ideas.

Actions, Not Words, Define Sanofi’s Approach to Responsible Pricing

Adam Gluck, Head of U.S. External Affairs, explains Sanofi's Pricing Principles and how living up to the letter of that commitment – and the spirit of the Principles – is how we measure success.

Giving Back as a Mentor

Kay Lavsi, a Senior Manager in the Sanofi US Market Access group, knows first-hand how instrumental a mentor can be. Now she’s a mentor herself.

Magic in the Movement

Darlene’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Story.