Make Catching Up on Routine Vaccinations a Preventative Health Priority in 2022

Taking care of our health has been anything but routine for many of us this past year. COVID-19 continued to serve as a barrier for many in staying up to date on routine care: In April 2021, one in four nonelderly adults reported delaying or forgoing care in the last 12 months because of concerns about exposure to the virus.

We still have work to do in helping ensure people are up to date on recommended routine vaccinations and immunizations.

As 2022 approaches, we must make routine healthcare a priority again. Being up to date on routine vaccinations and immunizations helps protect you and your loved ones, and those in your community, from vaccine-preventable diseases.

In addition to helping keep you and your loved ones protected against vaccine-preventable diseases, according to the CDC, keeping up with routine well visits during which vaccinations occur is also an essential part of supporting you and your most vulnerable loved ones’ overall health so you can enjoy life’s best moments. For me, those moments include spending time with my teenage children (who are growing up too fast for my liking) and other family members, listening to music and singing karaoke.

One way to keep returning to routine healthcare top of mind is to make doing so part of your New Year’s resolution list; you can also make it a family, friend or support group affair by encouraging loved ones to put routine healthcare at the top of their 2022 priorities and even go together to the doctor’s office, if possible. To help you stay on track with this, view resources that outline recommended vaccinations and immunizations for adults and children here.

We will soon recognize the close of another year marked by the pandemic—but this one has also been marked by hope, because of scientific advancements that have helped to make it safer for gathering in-person with loved ones.

As we head into 2022, I wish everyone a sense of normalcy and a restored routine. That may mean a day at the office, a meal with friends, or a vacation far from home. For all of us, it should include a return to preventative healthcare.

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