Supporting Timely Vaccinations & Minimizing Risk During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanofi Pasteur is actively working with providers to help them adapt their practices to reduce risks associated with COVID-19 while still helping to ensure their patients receive the vaccinations they need. In a virtual presentation during Fierce Pharma’s Digital Pharma Innovation Week, Chris Whitman, Vice President, US Flu Franchise, shares how.

When COVID-19 swept across the globe with a furious vigor, protective measures to limit its spread also disrupted general immunization practices in the US. In order to help sustain vital public health protections, Sanofi Pasteur worked closely with healthcare systems and individual providers to design adaptive vaccination solutions that could help providers safely immunize patients.

We provided user-friendly digital toolkits to help providers stand up one-stop shot environments that are safe, efficient and best fit their needs. We created walk-thru and drive-thru influenza and general immunization models, provided in the form of guidebooks complete with best-practice checklists and guidance for incorporating telehealth. The more common of the models has been the walk-thru clinic but the rate of the drive-thru is the highest it’s ever been, so we’re glad the overall response continues to go up. By assessing behaviors and potential outcomes in the early months of the pandemic, we were able to act quickly and be prepared for influenza season.

Overall, our goal was to lead with a science- and medicine-first approach to enable us to produce and distribute vaccines in a safe and responsible way, and we’re proud of the work we’ve been able to achieve with the help of the healthcare and advocacy communities.

I recently had the opportunity to speak about this work during Fierce Pharma’s Digital Pharma Innovation Week. Learn more about our innovative approaches to assisting providers in reducing the spread of vaccine-preventable disease during the pandemic.