My World Within Our World

After 25 years at Sanofi Pasteur, Maria Badik, Senior Quality Technician still admires Sanofi’s commitment to helping people live better lives. With a diverse workforce of languages and cultures, Maria has found comfort in being a part of the Sanofi team.

Thinking back to my early years and growing up on my little island of Puerto Rico, it was a different world, different times, different culture. Life was very simple, humble and carefree. My mother worked hard while my sister and I went to school and had small responsibilities to comply with before turning the rest of our days into fun-filled times. Family came first, always then as it is still today. One of the things I remember most is running around my little town doing “mandados” (errands) for my grandmother, my aunts or my neighbors. It was fun! Everything we did, other than chores, was fun - being a kid, learning to cook, to care for our elders, to help others, learning our history, going places, the beaches, “mango hunting.” Life was good, simple, happy. 

As I grew older, I came to the realization that I wanted to be part of “more, somewhere.” So, I came to the mainland, learned the language, got myself a job (while furthering my education) and learned as much as I could from everyone I met and everywhere I went. While doing that, I learned to like people - a lot. I love people. I don’t care what they are or where they come from - they are people and I like that. I wish everyone felt that way, it would probably make it easier to make the world a better place and less painful for many.

Then I got married to a very good, ethical and loyal man - Joe Badik - from another culture. I found myself immersed in three different cultures and really living and raising my beautiful family (daughter Deanna and son Joe) in cultural diversity. Twenty-six years ago, we moved to the Pocono Mountains. One of my neighbors worked at “Connaught” (Sanofi Pasteur today) and suggested I apply for a job. Twenty-five years later, here I am, still part of the Sanofi family.

From the first day I stepped foot on the Swiftwater site, I loved it! I loved the job and my co-workers. Talk about diversity! In my years here, I have met many people, from so many places, so many languages and so many cultures. I have seen many changes (and company name changes). However, one thing that has certainly stayed consistent is Sanofi’s commitment to help people live better lives everywhere and in so many ways…I know, I am one of them. The best part is, I am also part of that longstanding commitment. How cool is that?