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Sanofi Our Story, Patient Access
2018-08-13MMMM DD, YYYY

Sanofi’s Commitment to Patient Access

For tens of thousands of patients, getting access to the medicines their doctors prescribe may be as much of a struggle as their medical condition. Patients often struggle with medicines not being covered by their insurance, or not being able to afford the out-of-pocket cost. In 2012, Sanofi created its Patient Assistance Program and other programs to help patients overcome hurdles like these and to increase affordable access to medications they need, whether it’s for chronic diseases such as diabetes that affect millions of people, or for rare diseases. Sanofi’s patient assistance programs also provide a wide range of health care support, from wellness care to vaccinations. For the last six years, Sanofi’s Patient Assistance Program has opened treatment doors for more than 1 million patients. Meet Peter Lalli, the Interim Head of Corporate Social Responsibility North America, to learn more about how Sanofi helps patients access the medicines and support they need.

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