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Why Sanofi Supports Veterans’ Journeys

This year, Sanofi employees participated in the Get Active & Make a Difference Challenge. This 6-week challenge was a company-sponsored event where 2,400 employees across the U.S. tracked their activity and were bettering our community while also bettering themselves. Sanofi put up $100,000 to be divided between nine charities that our employee resource groups chose to support. Wounded Warrior Project was No. 1 out of the 9 charities and received a $40,000 donation from Sanofi.
Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit that was founded in 2003 and started with delivering backpacks with simple comfort items to the bedside of our injured service members, along with a promise to be there for a lifetime. Its mission is to honor and empower our nation’s warriors by raising funds from the community to create programs for veterans to help them re-adjust back into civilian life after being deployed, help them find work, and provide programs to work with and through physical or emotional issues so they have a chance at a decent life.

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