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Our Story, Naimish Patel

Making Strides in Immunology and Inflammation Research

Naimish Patel, MD, leads the development of one of our research areas in Immunology and Inflammation. Here he discusses his training and work as a pulmonologist and how that impacts the work that he does at Sanofi every day.
Our Story, Sanofi R&D Postdoctoral

Meet Sanofi’s R&D Postdoctoral Program

Three of Sanofi R&D’s Postdoctoral Fellows share their unique experience coming to work in Sanofi’s labs alongside our seasoned scientists to explore science and technology.
Rachele Berria

Using Real World Evidence to Drive Outcomes in Diabetes Care

A pioneer in using real world evidence and large-scale data, Rachele Berria, MD, PhD, Head of US Diabetes Medical Affairs, is determined to help improve health outcomes for people living with diabetes.
Our Story, Jeremy Smart

Looking to the Future in Cardiovascular Treatment

More than 10 years of experience in lipid management prepared Jeremy Smart, PharmD, BCPS, CLS for his role at Sanofi as a Medical Liaison for the cardiovascular team.
Our Story, Zhi-Yong Yang

New Sanofi HIV Research

"I am delighted that a newly-published article in the journal Science highlights our early-stage research into “trispecific” antibodies as a potential new paradigm for combating HIV.”
Our Story, Science is Our Passion, Leila Sevigny

Science is Our Passion: Leila

Leila Sevigny, PhD, is a senior scientist in Biologics Research at Sanofi’s lab in Framingham, Mass., where she specializes in Antibody Development and Protein Production. Find out what inspires her.
Our Story, Science is Our Passion, Virtual Reality

VR Brings Immunotherapy to Life

Several scientists from the Sanofi North America R&D Hub were recently featured in the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) GoBoldly national campaign.
Our Story, Science is Our Passion, Annu Jain

Annu Jain is Living It!

Annuradha Jain is a biotechnologist who specializes in protein purification for Sanofi at our Biologics Research lab in Framingham. We asked her what it’s like to work in a lab at Sanofi every day.