Patients and science are at the center of everything we do at Sanofi.

This is reflected in our relationships and work with US patient advocacy groups. Sanofi recognizes and respects the vital and tireless work that patient advocacy groups perform every day on behalf of the patients and families they serve. We engage with the patient advocacy community to listen to their perspectives, understand what matters most to patients, and champion these patient-centric insights internally and externally. 

Partnering on Shared Goals Focused on the Needs of Patients

We engage with patient advocacy groups from early research throughout the lifecycle of Sanofi medicines and vaccines. Partnerships work to achieve shared goals with the US patient advocacy community that are focused on patients:

Advance Innovation

Engage patients to accelerate research and development of breakthrough medicines and vaccines

Facilitate Access

Improve appropriate patient access and affordability

Improve Health

Empower patients to have informed discussions with their providers and improve their health

Principles That Define Our Approach with Patient Advocacy Groups

How we partner is driven by:

  • Truly listening
  • Open, honest dialogue
  • Mutual respect
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Non-promotional communications
  • Transparency
  • Highest standard of ethics and integrity

Working with the Advocacy Community

We Won’t Give Up: Advocating for the Rare Disease Community

Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy is a unique role at Sanofi – put simply, it’s about listening and learning from external stakeholders about what patients need and deserve. Kate Tighe shares her path to advocacy and talks with her Rare Disease and Rare Blood Disorder colleagues about what fuels their passion for advocacy.

The Sanofi US Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy Team aspires to be the partner of the US patient advocacy community that improves patient access to medicines and vaccines that can potentially transform lives and change the practice of medicine. We want to be a partner who listens, acts and leads.  

Eric Racine, Vice President & Head, US Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy

Sponsorships and Contributions

Sanofi supports specific activities and initiatives of US patient advocacy groups that are focused on improving patient care. Sponsorship requests are submitted through applications completed on our online portals to be evaluated by an internal committee. 

Corporate Giving & Support


We are proud of our relationships and interactions with patient advocacy groups, which are conducted according to the highest standards of integrity, with professionalism, and full respect for independence. Sanofi voluntarily discloses our annual payments to patient advocacy groups (PAGs).

2019 Global PAG Transparency report

Patient Access and Affordability

Sanofi has multiple programs and resources to support patients with access and affordability for their medications and to provide assistance to those with specific needs.

Clinical Trials

Before new treatments can be made available to potential patients, they must be deemed safe and effective. To establish their safety and efficacy, treatments are studied in clinical trials, which are a mandatory part of the procedure leading to the approval of a drug before it can be marketed. Sanofi has various investigational medicines which are currently undergoing clinical trials.

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