One of the cornerstones of Corporate Social Responsibility is volunteerism. It represents just one of the ways that our employees show solidarity through assisting others in need.

Sanofi Season of Solidarity

Sanofi Season of Solidarity, a global volunteer initiative, provides opportunities for volunteers to work together to help our communities in giving back. Employees look forward to participating and leading these exciting, rewarding projects. Sanofi employees have positively impacted hundreds of nonprofit organizations through their corporate volunteer initiatives during Season of Solidarity since its inception in 2012. This takes place at the end of the year simultaneously across all Sanofi businesses in North America.


In addition to company-sponsored volunteerism, Sanofi allows its employees to volunteer on an individual or team-basis with nonprofit organizations in accordance with company guidelines.


Sanofi also focuses on using the expertise of our peers, participating in skill-based volunteerism throughout the year. Sanofi partners with select nonprofit organizations in an effort to capitalize on our peers’ strengths for capacity-building by providing unique opportunities for their organizations’ development, sustainability, and growth.