Mission Childhood – The goal of this program is to help employees’ dependent children less than 25 years old, who are experiencing difficulties for which no other form of assistance is available. The types of financial, medical, and/or material assistance available include, but are not limited to: Drug addiction rehabilitation, selected developmental therapy, specialty/treatment camps, and travel expenses for parents or children while receiving treatment.

Holiday Exchange Program – Holiday Exchange is a way for the children of our employees to become culturally enlightened. Sanofi families across the globe host Sanofi children from diverse, foreign countries.

Thrive – Working at Sanofi US means making a difference in patients’ lives every day. It also means experiencing that commitment to well-being first hand. At Sanofi, we see five dimensions of well-being which include Health and Wellness, Financial, Work-Life, Diversity and Inclusion and Making a Difference (community). Each contributes to your work and life experience so you can Thrive at Sanofi.

MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) – Multiple Sanofi sites utilizes MERT, a volunteer program that provides medical training for employees who, in turn, become first responders in medical emergencies.

Networks, such as those listed above, provide employees the opportunity to increase their engagement, form relationships with people of diverse backgrounds, and discover business areas outside their day-to-day activities. For Sanofi, its benefits are driven by the innovation that comes from bringing employees together with different perspectives and from different parts of the business.