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A Drug Pricing Solution that Protects Both Affordability and Innovation

By Adam Gluck, Head of Sanofi U.S. and Sanofi Genzyme Corporate Affairs.

For decades, researchers have struggled with a fundamental challenge when working on better tools to control multiple sclerosis (MS). The disease clearly attacks nerve cells, but the most effective weapons against it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier to reach the disease’s source.

Our company believes we may have the key to this enduring challenge: an investigational molecule that can get into the brain to target the very processes that lead to disability caused by MS. Our willingness to make the investment required to test this hypothesis as quickly as possible in multiple clinical trials is emblematic of our commitment and drive to transform the practice of medicine.

That molecule is in human testing, though, only because of the unique set of incentives that drives the U.S. biopharmaceutical industry. Investors, including Sanofi, have funded expensive research and development in the hopes that the medicine is a success and can improve care for the one million Americans, and many others around the world, living with MS.

If that happens, Sanofi will price the medicine based on its value, one of the standards we’ve outlined in our Pricing Principles. This approach to pricing balances the need to ensure affordable access to patients with the need to continue to pursue research and development, an endeavor to which Sanofi has committed about $7 billion annually.

The full version of this article was posted on Adam Gluck’s LinkedIn page.