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Contributions and Giving

Making a Positive Impact in the U.S.

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At Sanofi, our passion is to prevent, treat and cure illness and disease throughout life. We are driven to improve the health of communities and to find new solutions for patients by combining breakthrough science with advanced technology.

Inspired by the resilience of our patients and strengthened by our heritage, we are always working for new ways to fight chronic, complex and rare diseases with medicines that offer hope for patients and the future of healthcare.


By investing in worthwhile causes, we put our commitment to corporate citizenship into action. We provide contributions to support a diverse range of organizations and initiatives that we believe can make a meaningful difference in the patients we serve and the communities we live in.

As we look forward to a “new normal”, we will continue to rely on scientific evidence, medical guidance, and government requirements to conduct our business safely and responsibly. To control viral transmission, we will consider:

  • Company support for and participation in live 3rd party sponsorship of events, provided the scientific evidence and federal, state, and local rules on controlling community spread of the virus at events and gatherings allows us to do so safely.
  • Company support for and participation in medical congresses, provided the scientific evidence and federal, state, and local rules on controlling community spread of the virus at events and gatherings allows us to do so safely.

Our US Pandemic Crisis Committee will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and update these principles as events evolve and scientific and medical guidance changes. The safety of our patients, worker, and the communities where we live, and work, will continue to guide our efforts to serve the patients that depend on us.

Applying for a Contribution – What to Know Before You Apply 

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Contributions to support live/virtual events (e.g., walk-a-thons) and/or programs aimed at educating, patients, patients’ caregivers, patient organizations, or healthcare professionals. 
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Philanthropic Donations and Healthcare Contributions


A financial contribution to a non-profit or a charitable organization to support its philanthropic cause or healthcare-related objectives, such as mission support or an independent initiative by such organization

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Medical Education



Supporting of high-quality, independent medical education programs in areas of interest for healthcare professionals that are designed to improve disease awareness and understanding and advance clinical knowledge and skills, with the goal of enhancing the quality of care: informational, physical, and psycho-social.
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Providing funding to teaching hospitals, medical schools, and other institutions for fellowship salary and research projects in areas of interest but not directly related to Sanofi therapies or products. 

Please note: Fellowship applications for Multiple Sclerosis will only be considered from MS Associations and Foundations. MS fellowship applications from hospitals or universities are not eligible for support.
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Patient Assistance Foundations


These contributions provide funding to patient assistance foundations, which independently operate one or more patient assistance programs (funds) that provide financial assistance to qualified patients to help cover their insurance premiums, copayments and/or other medical expenses without regard to their choice of product.

Applications will be accepted between October 1 and December 15 each year and must cover the fund’s anticipated needs during the following calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31). Funding for approved applications should be paid by the end of March.