Sanofi US Corporate Responsibility (man with cello)

Corporate Giving & Support

Sanofi US is part of a leading global healthcare company that discovers, develops, produces and markets innovative therapies to help protect health and enhance people's lives. We believe our business extends beyond the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative therapeutic solutions. As a stakeholder in healthcare, we also have a responsibility to support patient organizations and professional associations in their efforts to advance medical care and improve patient outcomes. Fulfilling our role as a responsible, corporate citizen, Sanofi US is committed to working together with national and community-based organizations to make a difference in patients’ lives. One way we demonstrate our commitment is by supporting programs and initiatives of external, independent, not-for-profit organizations that align with the Sanofi US corporate vision and values. These organizations are generally healthcare-oriented and focus on one or more therapeutic areas in which Sanofi US is actively involved.

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Charitable Donations

Sanofi US provides donations to select 501(c)(3) organizations located in the U.S. that are aligned with our corporate social responsibility priorities and focus on (1) critical community health and social service needs; (2) education, STEM and University support; and (3) environmental sustainability. Most of our donations fund New Jersey based organizations, which is where most Sanofi US employees live and work. All donations are evaluated through applications completed on the company's online web portal.

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Independent Medical Education

Sanofi US is committed to funding high quality independent scientific, medical educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills and/or performance of healthcare providers in support of quality medical care for patients and their communities. Applications for independent medical education programs are evaluated exclusively through a dedicated Sanofi US webportal.

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Sanofi US supports specific activities or initiatives of external, independent, not-for-profit healthcare-focused organizations such as academic or medical institutions, professional or scientific associations, trade organizations and organized patient groups.