About Our Vaccines

We are proud our vaccines can help protect us and our loved ones from a wide range of severe infectious diseases, at every stage of life.


For over 120 years, Sanofi has been committed to extending the life-saving power of vaccination as broadly as possible. Our history is grounded in life science pioneers who discovered how infectious diseases and vaccines work. They unlocked the public health potential of vaccination for infectious diseases and developed efficient mass production methods to ensure the broadest access to vaccines. We currently supply one billion vaccine doses to people around the world each year, and work hand-in-hand with our public health partners so our vaccines can help protect as many as half a billion lives annually.


We are often unaware of the impact that infectious diseases can have on ourselves and our loved ones. They can put us at risk of serious illness, which can lead to death. Ongoing vaccination is a crucial cornerstone in keeping our communities healthy, especially when you consider that vaccines are often the best, if not, the only way to protect us from many serious infectious diseases at every stage of life. While vaccination saves up to 3 million lives every year, an additional 1.5 million deaths could be avoided with improved vaccination coverage.


Improving the world’s health entails developing new solutions to infectious diseases that affect people around the globe. Our R&D teams closely follow the latest technological advances in an effort to develop vaccines against new infectious disease targets (diseases for which there is still no means of prevention) and improve existing vaccines to advance access. We are seeking to develop effective vaccines to extend the benefits of vaccination to a number of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus infections.

Our Products

Our portfolio of vaccines in the U.S. helps protect against a wide range of infectious diseases.