Prescription Medicine Pricing: Our Principles and Perspectives

We have a commitment to promoting healthcare systems that make our treatments accessible and affordable to patients in need. Sanofi shares concerns about the affordability of medicines and is committed to addressing issues of patient access and system viability. Our approach encourages a transition to a value-driven healthcare system that provides incentives for the highest-quality care, while enabling us to continue to advance scientific knowledge and bring innovative treatments to patients worldwide.

Our Pricing Principles demonstrate Sanofi’s long-standing commitment to setting prices responsibly based on the value our medicines bring to patients, society and healthcare systems. Our approach reflects our commitment to continued transparency in how we price our prescription medicines in the United States while minimizing our contribution to health system spending.

Learn more about the three pillars of our Pricing Principles below:

Clear Rationale for Pricing at the Time of Launch of a New Medicine

Limited U.S. Price Increases on our Medicines Over Time

Continued Transparency in the U.S. Around Our Pricing Decisions

Prioritizing Patient Affordability

Learn about our commitment to patient access and affordability.