Pricing Principles

Prescription Medicine Pricing: Our Principles and Perspectives

Sanofi has a longstanding commitment to promote healthcare systems that make our treatments accessible and affordable to those in need. We understand and share concerns about the affordability of medicines for patients while also recognizing that we are only one of many stakeholders involved in healthcare delivery. 

To maintain an environment that will continue to bring new healthcare solutions to patients, we must encourage a transition to a value-driven healthcare system that provides incentives for the highest-quality care. This evolution will enable both affordable access to treatments and continued investment in medical innovation. 

Sanofi is committed to helping address this challenge. While many factors, including decisions affecting patient out-of-pocket spending and insurance coverage, are controlled by other stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare delivery continuum, we believe we have a responsibility to be a leader in addressing issues of patient access and system sustainability. For our part, we price our medicines according to their value, while advancing broader solutions that improve patient outcomes and support affordability within the U.S. healthcare system. 

2024 Pricing Principles Report: Advancing Responsible Leadership

We are dedicated to providing patients with innovative and potentially life-changing treatments while limiting costs and minimizing our contribution to healthcare spending growth. Our annual Pricing Principles Report provides transparency into how Sanofi is delivering on our promise of responsible pricing.

The Three Pillars of Our Pricing Principles

Prioritizing Patient Affordability

Learn about our commitment to patient access and affordability.