Prioritizing Patient Affordability

Commitment to Patient Access and Affordability of Our Medicines

Sanofi takes pride in developing new life-saving medicines and ensuring access for the patients who need them most. We have developed a suite of innovative, patient-informed programs to help reduce prescription medicine costs — regardless of a person’s insurance status or income level.   

Each of Sanofi’s programs is tailored to a specific population and we are continually listening to patients, advocates, and caregivers to better understand additional actions we could take to address ongoing or emerging challenges. Sanofi informs patients and providers about the availability of these programs through several mediums, and we continue to seek new ways to educate the public about their availability.  

Every patient has unique circumstances, and Sanofi has live support specialists who can be reached at (855) 984-6302 to answer individual patient questions and navigate their unique situation to find the best resources and programs to help lower their out-of-pocket costs.

2023 Patient Support: By The Numbers

3.6 million+

# of redemptions of a Sanofi copay assistance card

$1.48 billion+

patient savings from use of copay assistance programs


# of times Insulins Valyou Savings Program was used

$61.9 million+

patient savings from use of Insulins Valyou Savings Program


# of patients who received free medicine through patient assistance programs

$1.71 billion+

value of medicine provided via patient assistance programs