Together with Regeneron, Sanofi is committed to helping qualified patients receive access to DUPIXENT® and appropriate financial support.

Support programs available

  • Coverage Support: Coverage support is available for people who require assistance navigating the complex insurance process.
  • Education and Nurse Support: One-on-one nursing support is available to educate and empower patients to use DUPIXENT as prescribed. Registered nurses are also available to speak with eligible patients about DUPIXENT.
  • Patient and Co-pay Assistance: DUPIXENT MyWay helps eligible patients get access to therapy whether they are uninsured, lack coverage, or need assistance with their out-of-pocket costs. Co-pay support is available for people who have commercial insurance to help cover the cost of DUPIXENT. A pharmacy locator is also available to show patients where their DUPIXENT prescription can be filled.
  • Additional Injection Training: The DUPIXENT MyWay program offers supplemental injection training services, including registered nurses who are available upon request to help eligible patients understand the proper way to inject DUPIXENT, as instructed by their healthcare provider.

Contact details

DUPIXENT MyWay nurse educators are available to answer questions about DUPIXENT by calling 1-844-DUPIXENT.

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