Caroline , Marketing, NJ, USA

Caroline , Marketing, NJ, USA

Caroline , Marketing, NJ, USA

Be Healthier

Our North America Consumer Healthcare business is proud to be a B Corp, helping lead a global movement for a healthier world.

What is a B Corp?

Becoming a B Corp means we’re part of a community that’s transforming business into a force for good. It’s one of the most well respected – not to mention difficult – certifications for an organization to earn. And a big step to championing better self-care for people, communities, and the planet.

B Corp Demonstrates Our Brands’ Commitment to Better Health

As the makers of AllegraDulcolaxIcy Hot and Unisom, we’re working to build a healthier future by helping people take care of themselves through our consumer-inspired, science-based products. This certification recognizes our work to increase our products’ positive impact on both people and the planet, like reducing unnecessary packaging, cutting down waste, sourcing more responsibly and supporting the wellbeing of communities where we do business.

Meraj, Marketing, NJ, USA

We’re proud to be a B Corp. But we’re not finished

We achieved a B Impact score of 85. That’s a great start. But we’re still working to improve it. Our score is calculated across five challenging areas of performance and responsibility:


Reducing our carbon footprint and making our products more sustainable


Transparency & accountability to stakeholders in how we do business


Diverse, inclusive culture that supports employee wellbeing


Supporting the communities where we work and operate


Empowering consumers to make healthier choices

Our journey to be a more sustainable company

Becoming a B Corp is just one part of our journey to champion better self-care and support a better world.

We know that healthier people and a healthy planet go hand in hand. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in our journey to create a business that does well while doing good.
Andrew Loucks

Andrew Loucks

Head of North America, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Our sustainability plan: six focus areas to build a healthier society and a healthier planet

Healthier Society

Empowering self-care behavior change

Healthier Society

Making an impact to communities through purpose-led brands and access

Healthier Society

Instilling a culture of inclusion, sustainability and employee safety and wellbeing

Healthier Planet

Reducing waste from our products and value chain, embracing circularity

Healthier Planet

Protecting natural

Healthier Planet

Taking climate action towards net zero across our business and supply chain

What we've achieved so far

Here are some of the ways we’re helping to support healthier people and planet – and they’re only just the start.

Comebaq Courts: Changing Lives and Communities

In partnership with Shaq, Icy hot is helping kids in underserved communities get back in the game, rebuilding basketball courts that could use some TLC, ensuring that more communities have spaces to be active again. As of 2021, Combaq Courts has built or renovated over 70 basketball courts and engaged with more than 20,000 young people.

Accelerating a Waste-Free Future

Our Allegra and Xyzal brands are working to remove packaging waste, eliminating the plastic windows on packaging to ensure the cartons are plastic-free and fully recyclable. This will eliminate 3.7 metric tons of plastic on an annual basis.

Restoring Woodlands In Chattanooga 

Our Chattanooga site has a partnership with the Lookout Mountain Conservancy, which works to protect significant scenic, historic and ecological sites in the Lookout Mountain area, which spans across three states. The facility has donated funds to support greenhouse and trail maintenance and employees regularly participate in volunteer events to help with conservation efforts.

Living Our Purpose Through Volunteering

Every year, each of our Consumer Healthcare sites participates in Purpose Day, when employees embrace their purpose and values in serving healthier and fuller lives by participating in a volunteer event in our community.