Corporate Social Responsibility at Sanofi in the U.S.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity to thrive: to be healthy, to be an innovator, to be part of a flourishing community. These beliefs are Sanofi’s philosophy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and underpin every facet of our business.

We believe in listening first, so that we can identify and solve fundamental issues that would benefit most from our unique strengths and yield the biggest impact for our communities.

In the U.S., we focus on supporting health equity, STEM education equity and local people, priorities and partnership, aligning with our global commitment to global communities, a healthy planet and building an inclusive workplace. Over time, as the needs of the communities we serve change, continued input from our partners, employees and the communities themselves will guide how we change alongside them.

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Our Priorities

Health Equity

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy.
When we address what drives health inequities in our society, we can improve long-term health outcomes for all. This is especially true within certain communities: namely, communities of color who are chronically underserved. We are committed to raising awareness of the need for more resources to address community-identified issues and taking action to provide services and run programs in historically marginalized communities. We understand the complexities of serving diverse communities and are determined to provide more resources and tools to support a healthy life and make the most meaningful impact.

STEM Education Equity

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be an innovator.
When educators are empowered to teach STEM effectively – and students have equal access to STEM subjects – there’s a positive impact across the community including increasing STEM-related job opportunities and more effective, culturally sensitive community healthcare. We are committed to supporting teachers through tools and training so they can better aid students as they develop and deepen STEM knowledge and skills. By focusing on advancing an equitable talent pipeline that is continually filled with qualified STEM students from underserved communities, we can address opportunity gaps and determine where financial investments would make the biggest positive impact.

Local People & Priorities

Everyone deserves to be part of a thriving community.
When the people who live in our communities know that their life – and health-related concerns – are a priority to those around them, their quality of life and the health measurements of their community improves. We are committed to listening and addressing issues at the local level that have historically undermined support structures for underserved populations. Through collaboration and building strong relationships, we provide meaningful action that takes into account the complexities of community issues to deliver impactful reults to those who need it most. By building an engaged employee culture and actively promoting community awareness, engagement and volunteerism we can help solve community-identified concerns.

Community Engagement

Every day at Sanofi, we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. It reflects our commitment to society to shape a better quality of life for people and communities around the world. Because we can do more and want our employees to have a purposeful experience, we’re taking this mission to the next level with We Volunteer, our company-wide employee volunteering program.

We Volunteer allows us to do good for the communities we care about, develop strong and lasting relationships and learn and grow as individuals. Together, by living our One Sanofi culture and giving back to communities, we can make a bigger impact.

When We Volunteer, we improve people’s lives!

Contributions and Giving

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Sanofi Cares North America

Sanofi Cares North America strives to reduce inequalities in access to medicine, primarily in the US, through strategic product donations aimed at improving access to our products for patients facing barriers related to healthcare insurance coverage or who have been impacted by natural disasters.