Employee Resource Groups & Affinity Groups

Sanofi Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) tap into the richness of our diversity and offer employees a forum in which to exchange ideas, network and gain exposure to different aspects of the organization. While company-supported and executive-sponsored, ERGs are managed by employees, enhancing career development and contributing to their personal growth in the work environment. They also represent a valuable asset for our company to help deliver on business objectives. All employees are welcome in all ERGs – you do not have to be to belong.

Sanofi Affinity Groups (AGs) are communities of Sanofi employees connected by a shared mission to promote education and awareness for an illness or disease within Sanofi’s treatment, or to advance a key organizational initiative. Affinity Groups allow our organization to create community spaces for initiatives to promote education, engagement, awareness and advocacy.

Employee Resource Groups


The APEX ERG seeks to establish a workplace where Asian American & Pacific Islander employees are empowered to break barriers to be their authentic selves. The APEX ERG strives to be a family that celebrates and stands up for one another.


The BOLD ERG’s mission is to foster networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. BOLD strives to have a focus on the recruitment, retention, learning, and advancement of Black employees at Sanofi.


The Capable and Able Network (CAN) works to develop a culture that fosters acceptance and challenges stigmas around all forms of disability (inclusive of physical, mental & intellectual).


The EveryGen ERG is a community for employees who are at various stages in their lives, seeking to connect and learn from others both in their generation and across generations. The EveryGen ERG is a forum for sharing common issues and challenges (both in the workplace and life) and provides a space for employees from different generations to learn about the lived experiences of others.


The HOLA ERG’s mission is to provide a platform of resources and connection to empower our Hispanic employees at Sanofi. HOLA seeks to celebrate everyone’s diversity and foster awareness, respect, and inclusion within the workplace.


The Interfaith ERG is an inclusive community that is dedicated to educating, fostering, and facilitating compassionate and respectful conversations on topics related to faith.


The NAIA ERG is a community for Indigenous employees and their allies to connect, learn, and advocate for Indigenous people in North America. NAIA aims to unite Sanofians who are passionate about creating awareness of, and respect for, the history, truths and dignity of the First Peoples of the land.

PRIDE Connect

PRIDE Connect envisions an inclusive environment regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, networking and workplace collaboration. By empowering all employees to be catalysts for equality, Sanofi will continue to meet the diverse needs of the LGBTQ+ community.


V.E.T.S. provides a network of resources and support for veterans and members of military families, as well as guidance and insight on our recruitment practices for veterans.

Women Inspiring Sanofi Excellence (WISE)

WISE develops leaders and furthers their advancement and impact through opportunities focused on skill development and techniques for personal and professional growth.

Affinity Groups

Cancer & Work US Affinity Group

The Cancer & Work US Affinity Group is focused on offering personalized Support, Resources, Education, and opportunities for Volunteerism. Their mission is to provide cancer support for employees who have been impacted by cancer through Empathy, Education, Care, and Experience.


CareGIVE provides information and a comprehensive support system for employees who are caregivers or actively support someone who is a caregiver.


DeLTAS connects today’s leaders with aspiring leaders, challenges the ways we work to foster positive change, and influences innovation within our community to create a better tomorrow.


DiabetesConnect is for employees who have been diagnosed with diabetes, care for someone with diabetes or just want to learn more. This network provides resources, offers support, and works together to be a better informed community.


ParentsConnect is for working parents and guardians to provide a support network and resources at any stage of parenting, including a focus on parents of children with special needs.

Transplant Affinity Group

The Transplant Affinity Group unites and supports the collective experiences of Sanofi employees touched by transplant, as well as those interested in learning more about the Gift of Life. Their mission is to inspire and educate others on the gift of transplantation and the impact it can have on the lives of patients and their families.