Community of Practice

Problems facing patients today are too big for any one organization to solve. This is why Sanofi formed a Community of Practice in 2023 for patient advocacy groups to connect, share pragmatic insights, and learn from each other to accelerate their impact for patients.  This community has grown to more than 140 organizations and 250 individuals who participate in quarterly webinars. In 2024, topics will include Generative AI, Measuring Program Impact, and Data. 

See reports from past CoP webinars on building trust in underserved communities and practical ways to utilize Artificial Intelligence below.

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CoP Kickoff Summary - What to Expect

The first convening of the community of practice established its vision and cadence. This report details the community's purpose, value, topics of learning, and concrete next steps.

Forum on Gaining Trust Through Local Partnerships and Programs

Patient advocacy leaders shared insights about successful approaches their organizations are using to build trust with their patient communities. This report summarizes key takeaways from CoP participants as well as useful resources to help US advocacy groups implement them.

Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Transforming Health Equity for All

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) experts led advocacy group leaders in a conversation about harnessing the power of AI. This report summarizes the suggestions for generative AI use, practical applications, and cautionary insights discussed during this Community of Practice.

AI Empowerment: Mastering the Art of Smart Prompting for Patient Advocacy

By enhancing our skills in communicating with AI we are expanding our capacity to understand and address the diverse needs of those we advocate for. This report summarizes strategies for patient advocacy groups to accelerate their impact through AI prompting.