Health Equity at Sanofi in the U.S.

The Health Equity Acceleration Community of Practice is a forum to facilitate connections and share actionable best practices across our US advocacy partners.

As an innovative global healthcare company, we have a role to play in responding to the destabilizing situation underrepresented populations are in when they need care. Working to build trust through conversation and dialogue between underrepresented communities and healthcare stakeholders, we can help improve engagement and health outcomes for all.
Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

2023 Health Equity Accelerator Awards

Sanofi is pleased to continue and expand its Health Equity Accelerator Awards. Everyone deserves equitable access to transformative medicines and vaccines. To help overcome health disparities, many organizations have stepped up efforts focused on underserved populations. Several challenges remain, and new approaches are needed.

Click here to learn about the 10 innovative programs that won this year’s awards. Congratulations to the 2023 winners!

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About the 2023 Health Equity Accelerator Award Winners