About the 2023 Sanofi Health Equity Accelerator Award Winners

Published on: November 2, 2023

Sanofi believes all people deserve equitable access to transformative medicines and vaccines and we know many patient advocacy groups share this goal. They are the experts working every day to improve health equity for underserved patients and communities throughout the US. Listening to our partners we also know that many gaps remain, and that Sanofi could help by supporting new approaches.

That is why we are honored to recognize the programs that won this year’s Health Equity Accelerator Awards :

Hemophilia care for women, girls, & people with potential for menstruation

Hermanas de Sangre (CHES Foundation) – Provide culturally relevant support for Hispanic women, girls, and people with potential to menstruate with bleeding disorders through a national program
Hermanas de Sangre

Hemophilia education & support for people in rural areas

TexCen Connects Regional Communities (Texas Central Bleeding Disorders) - Provide personal outreach, education, & support to families affected by rare, chronic bleeding disorders in rural North Texas

Influenza immunization in underserved communities for adults aged 50+ with chronic conditions

Coaching You Up! KO Flu & Covid (USA Boxing) - Utilize boxing events in historically disadvantaged communities across the US as a conduit to engage & communicate with seniors about influenza risks & the benefits of vaccination

RSV education for infant protection in underserved communities

Raising Awareness of RSV in Spanish-Speaking Populations (American Lung Association) - Empower Spanish-speaking populations in El Paso, TX, Miami, FL, & San Antonio, TX to feel confident in recognizing RSV symptoms & taking steps to prevent RSV

Lung Cancer innovative navigation services for biomarker testing & personalized treatment in underserved communities

Navegando Contra el Cancer de Pulmón (GO2 for Lung Cancer ) : Spanish Patient Navigation – A pioneering patient awareness & navigation program to empower Hispanic/LatinX lung cancer patients in Miami, Florida

Multiple Myeloma innovative navigation services for treatment decisions in underserved communities

Shared Decision Making among African American & Hispanic Myeloma patients (International Myeloma Foundation )- Empower nurses with novel ideas and technology to improve trust and engagement in treatment decisions with African American and Hispanic patients throughout the US

Multiple Sclerosis awareness & earlier diagnosis in communities of color and rural areas

Rural Engagement Program (Rocky Mountain MS Center) - Expand an innovative pilot program for people impacted by MS and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in rural Colorado communities to increase HCP awareness of comprehensive MS care including earlier diagnosis, wellness strategies, mental and physical health, and nutrition

Specialty Medicine availability for those in underserved communities to see specialist healthcare professionals

Project Access San Diego: Expansion of Specialty Physician Recruitment (Champions for Health) - Provide a referral pathway and support services for uninsured patients in the San Diego area to high-demand specialty physicians who provide pro-bono care and procedures

Type 1 Diabetes awareness & antibody screening for underserved communities of color

Type 1 Navigator Campaign (Type 1 Navigator Campaign) - Promote equal access to type 1 diabetes (T1D) information about screening, treatment, and technologies among adults of color at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Transplant stem cell & kidney donations & transplantation treatment option awareness in communities of color

Transplant Equity & Awareness for Sickle Cell Disease (Sick Cells) - Increase stem cell donation and raise awareness about Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) as a treatment option for SCD within Black and Hispanic communities across the US

It was not an easy task for the judges as all 116 applicants are doing incredible work in service to diverse and underserved patients and communities. Sanofi thanks everyone who applied and applauds your continued efforts to make health equity a reality for so many deserving patients. We also thank our panel of judges who selected the winning programs:

  • Rohini Anand, Principle & CEO, Rohini Anand LLC
  • Olivier Bogillot, Head of US General Medicines, Sanofi
  • Omar Escontrías, Senior Vice President, Equity, Research & Programs, National Health Council
  • Brian Foard, Head Specialty Care North America & US Country Lead, Interim Head, Global Specialty Care, Sanofi
  • Deborah Glasser, Head of Vaccines, North America, Sanofi
  • Adam Gluck, Head of US & Specialty Care Corporate Affairs, Sanofi
  • Laura Lee Hall, President, Center for Sustainable Health Care Quality & Equity
  • Esther Krofah, Executive Vice President, Health, FasterCures, Executive Director, Center for Public Health, Milken
  • Subarna Malakar, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, North America & Global Specialty Care, Sanofi
  • Jason Resendez, President & CEO, National Alliance for Caregiving

US advocacy groups are making a difference every day for underserved patients, and Sanofi is proud to be a partner in helping them accelerate their impact.