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Community Engagement

Family celebrating a birthday. Sanofi Community Involvement and Volunteerism

Community Involvement and Volunteerism

Sanofi in the US is committed to building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with the communities in which we live and work. Investing in the community creates a mutually-beneficial bond, from which, everyone benefits. Our passionate efforts make evident our desire to be a valued neighbor.

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Employee Programs

At Sanofi, we appreciate the effort and dedication our employees put into their work. In return, we offer a multitude of resources to help employees and their families grow professionally, develop culturally, and to assist in times of health and/or financial crises.

Children – Sanofi Diabetes Education

Diabetes Camps

As a leader in the field of diabetes, Sanofi US supports children living with this condition. Diabetes Camps play an important role in helping patients better understand and live with diabetes, while enjoying the fun of a camp experience. For more information about support for diabetes camps, please visit the Sanofi Cares North America website