Before You Apply

We contribute to non-profit organizations, institutions, disease organizations, and education programs that align with our areas of interest.

Sanofi US supports specific activities or initiatives of external, independent, not-for-profit healthcare-focused organizations such as academic or medical institutions, professional or scientific associations, trade organizations and organized patient groups.

Applications can be submitted online at any time, all year round. Please be sure to apply well in advance of your funding needs because the application review process can take from 8 to 16 weeks.

Before beginning your application online, gather the following information and documents that may be applicable to completing your contribution request:

  • Detailed description of the program for which you're requesting funding
  • Total program budget and organization annual estimated income
  • Most recent financial statements, preferably independently audited
  • Your organization's U.S. tax exemption letter and W-9
  • Application types cannot be combined and must be applied for individually, using the appropriate link for each request (e.g. sponsorship and donations).