Sanofi Genzyme provides personalized assistance and support to qualified U.S. patients who are prescribed CAPRELSA® and their family members.

Services programs available

  • CAPRELSA Access Support Program: Provides general information and support to eligible patients and health care professionals
  • Exclusive Specialty Pharmacy: CAPRELSA is provided through a pharmacy specializing in certain prescription medications that support patients with a dedicated, personalized approach. The pharmacy team will verify insurance coverage and offer financial assistance options, provide 24/7 access to a clinical pharmacist, as well as facilitate outreach to help support patients with staying on treatment including refill reminders
  • CAPRELSA Copay Assistance Program: Helps eligible individuals, who are prescribed CAPRELSA, with their drug related out-of-pocket expenses regardless of financial status
  • CAPRELSA Patient Assistance Program: Provides CAPRELSA at no cost to eligible patients who medically need treatment and are uninsured or have inadequate insurance coverage (application required). Short term patient assistance is also available if a patient is in need of CAPRELSA but experiencing a barrier to accessing therapy.

Contact details

Call the CAPRELSA Access Support Program, Monday Friday 9AM – 6PM EST, at 800-367-4999.

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Last update: August 202109/2021