Sanofi Genzyme provides personalized assistance and support to qualified U.S. patients and their family members.

Support programs available

  • CareConnect PSS Case Managers: Provide individualized support services, including helping patients identify insurance options; referrals to financial assistance programs; assistance with treatment authorizations and appeals if necessary.
  • CareConnect PSS Patient Assistance Program: Provides Nexviazyme at no cost to eligible patients who do not have health insurance or cannot access Nexviazyme under the terms of their insurance plan(s), until insurance coverage for Nexviazyme is secured.
  • CareConnect PSS Co-Pay Program: Helps eligible patients in the U.S. who are prescribed Nexviazyme pay for eligible out-of-pocket drug costs and specified infusion-related charges, including copays, coinsurance, and deductibles, up to the program maximum.

Contact details

To reach a local CareConnect PSS Case Manager OR to learn more about the CareConnect PSS Co-Pay Program, call us Monday – Friday, 8AM – 6PM EST at 800-745-4447 (toll-free), press #3.

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Last update:08/2019